About Us

ScoreIsRight is an exceptional and out of the box creativity born out of the gaming maestros zeal and love for sporting games eventually giving the Fantasy Sports Zone a major twist to delight the Online Gaming Experience for all. The ScoreIsRight is a skilled based Online Fantasy Score Game wherein the gamers are provided with a platform to showcase their skills, cricketing knowledge and insights. ScoreIsRight gives the Fantasy Sports zone an interesting twist by roping in the brand new “What’s Your Fantasy Score” mantra.

ScoreIsRight anticipates an exciting and brand new platform to all gaming fanatics to put their gaming knowledge and insights to test and bring into life the excitement of the playful conjectures and the anticipation and buzz of the wins.

Unlike the majority of other gaming portals, ScoreIsRight is a Fantasy Score Platform robustly based on the game of skills and knowledge like Match Facts, Stadium Facts, Team Strength, Pitch Reports & Weather Reports and it bestows opportunity to the users to Envisage, Idealise & Fantasize their score based on their gaming insights and skills on the games.

ScoreIsRight is a unique online game where participants foregather imaginary or virtual teams & players of a professional sports post which these teams compete based on the statistical performance of the players’ team & players in the actual game. This performance is then transfigured into points that are compiled and totalled as per a roster shortlisted by each fantasy team’s manager. The point system is very lucid and can be manually calculated by a “league commissioner” who synchronizes and administers the overall league, rather than that the points can also be compiled and calculated deploying computers tracking actual results of the professional sport. These games have varied zones to play for and two amongst such are Fantasy Team and Fantasy Score.

Fantasy Team is a team in which the participant aides as the general managers of virtual professional teams. The competitors nominate their team rosters by participating in a draft in which all players of a real-time league are available. This is entirely played on the skills and the illusory vision of the users in the actual games which is not affiliated to or intervened during or in the actual game.

ScoreIsRight is more than an online platform furnishing a place for real cricket fans to fulfil their cricket fantasy, rather we purvey them a platform to bring out the best in themselves, savour their win and loses with their favourite team. ScoreIsRight aims to augment the skills and the excitement level of the user for the fantasy games in a cent percent secured environment and bring the house down with the next level of thrill and groove.

The ScoreIsRight is designed and cornerstone for the swiftly growing Fantasy Sports World and the uber sports fanatics. At ScoreIsRight we do not just stop at cash rewards but undeniably go an extra mile to provide the gamers and users an enthralling experience by providing them exciting gift cards and other valuable goodies. We have a pivotal belief in surpassing the mediocre gaming platforms henceforth we take the excitement and thrill to the next level by anticipating a podium to our audience wherein you can play with your friends or make a group of all the folks and families to relish the game on the same zone.

The quintessential and the best part of this is that the entry fee for the contest is a bare minimum to furnish every possible opportunity for all Sports Zealots to enter all games and play unabashedly.

At ScoreIsRight we are committed to making the Fantasy Sports World the most trusted & exhilarating environ for the users to play and make the most of it. We are on a persistent R&D process every single day to furnish our dynamic users with the best possible and unconventional imaginative leap of games and services to make the most of their minutes and seconds at ScoreIsRight worthwhile.

We promise to take all amateurs and professional gamers on an intriguing journey to help them accomplish their personal best at their chosen sports and who knows how far that could be, till then just play and win daily.

So, get your friends & folks along and join us on the Score is Right Platform and have the most fun with real-time cash, rewards, and exciting prizes.