Fair Play


All the users in ScoreIsRight are furnished with the same platform and options while Fantasizing score for any match. All the users are validated with the access to the database of games & teams and are urged to abide by the same rules while Fantasizing the score for their respective teams, contingent upon their game skills and know-how.


The ScoreIsRight inaugurates deadline for cricket, one hour prior to the start of a particular match. This move is put into the place to ensure a persistent level playing field for all our esteemed users who may not inevitably have the access to TV/internet post the announcement of the team or the star player. This deadline downright ensures that no users get an added convenience in Fantasizing the score for the match.


Users can diligently view the leader board of every contest in their profile at the end of the game or any time in future. Users are advised to go the My Contest tab, shortlist the contest they want to play and find their rankings in the leader board. This section validates users to keep track of their competition.


The ScoreIsRight furnishes every opportunity to its esteemed users to emerge winner. To ensure that our users love & enjoy playing on ScoreIsRight and compete with other users with whole confidence and enthusiasm, ScoreIsRight has organised the scoring system for every contests in a very beguiling way and the point calculations are clearly elucidated and displayed in the users profile during or after the contests. The applicable pay-outs for winners of each contest are precisely mentioned in the leader board. Any winnings or pay-outs are actioned and credited to the User’s account after the authentication of the user’s accounts & profile.


ScoreIsRight takes every security measures and work conscientiously to ensure that each & every users on the ScoreIsRight are authentic and legitimate. To effectuate this and build a better trust factor, the ScoreIsRight have strict policies and protocols to keep a tab on any violation of Fair Play on the ScoreIsRight. Prior to withdrawing the winnings, the users are entreated and required to verify their account details & purvey their valid government authorized ID proof, PAN Card & Bank Account details. These details and documents are cantered and authenticated with the respective authorities.


The Payment Getaways furnished on the ScoreIsRight are reliable and highly secured with a three way authentication to furnish and fortify every possible safety and security of all financial transactions. Simultaneously , we do not store your credit/ debit card or any other banking related passwords, pin details or OTP with us.


The employees of ScoreIsRight are strictly forbidden and restricted from engaging in any paid or free contests on the ScoreIsRight platforms. This is to furnish full transparency & trust among our esteemed users.


The ScoreIsRight is a skill based Fantasy Score Platform and furnishes its services to the users at a par with the Indian laws. No individuals on ScoreIsRight are allowed to have shortcuts or BOTS or a third party intrusion for quick and easy points calculations and wins.


ScoreIsRight endeavours hard & has a pivotal belief in assembling strong relationships with all our users to ensure robust trust and security amongst our professionals and users. To enable this, ScoreIsRight has an open platform for all the users to stay connected to us any time of the day on hello@scoreisright.com.


The ScoreIsRight Family appreciates the users trust and faith in us. Henceforth, we strongly condemn the sharing or disclosing of our users documents with any third party or outsiders.


The ScoreIsRight platform validates transparent plays for all users. We do not allow or encourage any users below 18 years of age to play contests or games on the ScoreIsRight.


The ScoreIsRight strongly prohibits and does not validate or endorse cash transactions in any regard.


The Score Is Right in any way/any circumstances is neither associated or affiliated nor claims any association or affiliation in any manner/context with any sports governing leagues or authorities, including but not limited to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), or the Indian Premier League (IPL), International Cricket Council (ICC), Apple, Google, Yahoo or any other such Third party or organisations or download platforms or any such authorities/ body of any state, country or region unless specified otherwise. Residents of the states of Assam, Odisha and Telangana, and where otherwise prohibited by law are not eligible to enter The Score Is Right contests.