How To Play

Introduction: ScoreIsRight is an skill based online Fantasy Score game wherein the gamers are provided with a platform to showcase their cricketing skills, knowledge and insights.

ScoreIsRight can be directly played from the website or by downloading the mobile app. Users can fantasize a score and based on the score of the real life match, earn points. Challenge your friends and family for a game and earn maximum points and exciting gifts and vouchers. Its time to showcase your skill and ace the Fantasy Score game.

Follow this 5 easy steps to get started:

App Installation and Initial Set up: Download the application from the Google Play Store or the IoS store and install the application to get started. Create an account and sign up with mandatory credentials.

Join the contest: Use your login credentials to sign in to your profile and join the contest. Select between T20 or ODI game and join from the type of contest Free/Gift/Premium/Create a Group.

Game Rules and Logic: Join between Standard and Turbo contest and fantasize the score to earn maximum points. Fantasize the closest score and take home exciting prizes and coupons. Watch the real match and track your points as per the bracket system.

1. Turbo contest is exclusively developed for users who want to play the First Innings and win a one-time chance to top the leader board.

2. Standard contest allows users to play both innings and find ample time to fantasize the score at every level.

Play in Group: Challenge your family and friends for a game, and fantasize the closest score and earn the ultimate rights to show-off your prowess at the game.

Game Rules & Logic:

  • Fantasize the final over score at the starting of every over for every level. Users can earn maximum points, top the leader board and win gifts and coupons upon fantasizing the closest score to the teams score. Users also get extra bonus for fantasizing the exact score after the end of 20th over of the 1st Innings.
  • Users get zero points for every wrong answers and negative (-0.5) points upon skipping a level. Users with minimum points are allowed for leader board rankings and prizes and goodies, but users with negative points are barred from leader board rankings.
  • Users are allowed to create their own group and refer friends. Users can simultaneously play one-on-one match and challenge a friend for a session as well as participate in “n” number of matches at the same time.
  • 10 % of the users or participants who do not earn any zero or negative points are eligible for gift cards.
  • Users who earn the fastest score amongst their contemporaries with the same score will lead amongst them.
  • In case of rainfall or other natural calamities, results are declared upon the completion of levels in total. For reduction of overs in game, users should play at least two levels for declaration of results.
  • Users are advised to play at least 7 overs for both T20 and ODI game for the validation of the contest and in contrary case the contest will stand cancelled and the deducted amount will be refunded.
  • Upon fantasizing the exact score in the first innings of a T20 or an ODI match users will win 7 bonus points and on fantasizing a score close to bracket 1 or 2 users will earn 3 bonus points. Users hereby will fill the score window in the 7-8 overs for T20 match and in the 30-32 overs for an ODI match, post which the window will close.

*Note: The above mentioned points are not exact and minute and may be subjected to changes. The point and the bonus system is a moderate input from ScoreIsRight to burgeon the skills of the gamers and users in fantasizing the closest score.

Fantasy Point System:

Exact Score

12 points

Bracket 1

10 points

Bracket 2

8 points

Bracket 3

6 points

Bracket 4/5

4 points

Bracket 6/7

3 points

Bracket 8/9

2 points

Bracket 10

1 points

Bracket 11

0 points









*Note: Upon fantasizing a score that stands one higher than the exact score or one lower the exact score, users will fall into the first bracket and accordingly the fantasizing of the score determines the bracket system and the points for our esteemed users.


Note : Gift Card Contests

  1. Gift Card Contests Winners will be receiving their Gift Vouchers within 10-15 days from the date of their winnings.
  2. The Winners will be receiving their Gift Vouchers Details in their registered Email-id with Scoreisright.
  3. Scoreisright reserves the full rights to deny the winners gift vouchers, if any violations or discrepancy found in the players details & games.