Privacy Policy

The ScoreIsRight respects the privacy of its Users and is prudent to protect it in all respects and regard. The ScoreIsRight administers the portal in India, which furnishes cricket fantasy games through the medium of the Web-portal the Before you submit any information to the Portal or while using the app, users are requested to kindly read this Privacy Policy.

Any person deploying the Portal (“User” or “you”) or any of its features inclusive of the engagement in the various contests, games (including fantasy games ("Game") being conducted on the Portal) shall be bound to abide this Privacy Policy.

Users are requested to read the 'About Us' section to know more about the ScoreIsRight. Most of the Amusement amenities are furnished for free but users may need registration to participate in the ScoreIsRight's online games. The information about the User is collected by the ScoreIsRight as (i) information purveyed by Users and (ii) information automatically tracked during User's navigation on the Score Is Right.

By using any part of the ScoreIsRight Portal, users consent to the collection, use, disclosure and transfer their personal information for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy and to the collection, processing and maintenance of this information. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, please do not use the Portal. Your use of any part of the Portal elucidates your approval of this Privacy Policy and of the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

While you have the option not to furnish us with certain information or withdraw consent to collect certain information, kindly note that in such an event you may not be able to take full convenience of the entire scope of features and services furnished to you and we reserve the right not to purvey you with our services.


To employ significant Amusement Facilities on the Portal, Users are requested to furnish certain precise information for the registration process viz,:

  1. Username
  2. Full Name
  3. Password
  4. Mobile No.
  5. Email address
  6. State
  7. Date of birth

In order to furnish you access to the features and services anticipated through the Portal and to authenticate your identity, you may be required to purvey additional information, inclusive of the Permanent Account Number.

Users may invite other existing Users or other users (“Invited Users”) to participate in any of the Facilities by furnishing the email address. The ScoreIsRight may thereafter deploy this information to contact the Invited User and invite such user to register with the ScoreIsRight (if such Invited User is not an existing User) and participate in the Game in relation to which such person was invited by the User. The engagement of the Invited User in any of the Facilities shall be subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions for the use of the Portal. The User hereby represents that the Invited Users have consented and readily agreed to such disclosure to and use of their email address by the ScoreIsRight.

All required information is minute and based on the kind of Game the User wishes to engage in or have access, and will be deployed for the purpose of furnishing services requested by the User. The information as purveyed by the Users validates us to enhance and furnish you the most user-friendly game experience. The ScoreIsRight may also share such information with associates and third parties in deficient intervention, including for the impetus of furnishing services requested by the User, consenting with legal process, debarring fraud or forthcoming harm with the cent percent assurance of the security of our network and services.


The ScoreIsRight in some case may also share information as furnished by you and data regarding utilization and engagement in the Games with third party service providers engaged by the ScoreIsRight, for the deployment of data analytics or other similar purposes, for the utilization of storage, enhancing the services and assisting the ScoreIsRight to serve you in the best way possible.

Where we bid to deploy your personal information (that is, information that that may be employed to identify the User and that is not otherwise publicly available) for any other uses we are committed to notifying you about the matter at the first place. You will also be given the possibility to restrain or curb your consent for your utility other than as listed above. By deploying the Portal, you thereby categorically approve and grant consent to the collection, deployment and storage of this information by the ScoreIsRight.

 The ScoreIsRight earmarks all the right to share, disclose and transfer information collected here under with its own associates. In the said event the ScoreIsRight sells or relocates all or a portion of its business assets, consumer information or may be one of the business assets that are shared, disclosed or consigned as part of the transaction. You hereby patently approve your consent and permission to the ScoreIsRight for disclosure and consignment of information to such third parties. Furthermore, the ScoreIsRight earmarks all the rights to divulge personal information as compelled by law, in retaliation to aptly accredited legal process, governmental requests and as mandatory to fortify the rights and interests of the ScoreIsRight.


To enhance the efficacy and utility of the Portal for our Users, we deploy "cookies", or such similar electronic tools to collect information to allocate each visitor a unique random number as a User Identification (User ID) to discern the User's individual interests deploying the identified computer. Unless the User willingly identifies himself/herself (e.g., through registration), The ScoreIsRight has no alternate way of discerning who the User is, even if we allocate a cookie to the User's computer. The only precise personal information a cookie can contain is information furnished by the User. The ScoreIsRight’s advertisers in some case may also designate their own cookies to the User's browser (if the User clicks on their ad banners), a process that the ScoreIsRight has no control over.

The ScoreIsRight's web servers spontaneously collect limited information about User's computer's connection to the Internet, including User's IP address, when the User visits the Portal. (User's IP address is elucidated as a number that allows computers attached to the Internet discern where to send data to the User -- such as the web pages viewed by the User). The User's IP address does not distinguish the User personally. The ScoreIsRight deploys this information to furnish its web pages to Users upon solicitation, to customize its Portal to the interests of its users, to evaluate traffic within the Portal and let advertisers know the demographic locations from where the ScoreIsRight’s visitors come.


The ScoreIsRight also incorporates links to other websites. Such websites are administered by their respective privacy policies, which are beyond the ScoreIsRight's control. Once the User leaves The ScoreIsRight's servers (the User can discern where he/she is by checking the URL in the location bar on the User's browser), deployment of any such information furnished by the user is subjugated by the privacy policy of the operator of the site which the user is visiting. That policy may vary from the ScoreIsRight's own. If the User are unable to find the privacy policy of any of these sites via a link from the site's homepage, the User may contact the site directly for more information. The ScoreIsRight is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites.

ScoreIsRight does not allow or furnish any third party service or affiliates on our site. We strongly believe in transparency and one-on-one relationship with our users.


All information accumulated on the ScoreIsRight is securely and vigorously stored within the ScoreIsRight controlled database. The database is cumulated on servers secured behind a firewall; approach or access to such servers being password-protected and strictly limited are majorly based on need-to-know basis. However, we discern the fact that as efficacious our security measures are, no security system is unnavigable. Henceforth we cannot commit the security of our database, nor are we covenant that the information users furnished will not be expropriate while being mediated to us over the Internet. By using the Portal, you discern and approve that your information may be deployed in or transferred to countries other than India.

The ScoreIsRight has a pivotal belief that the internet is an evolutionary medium. We may annuallyreview from time to time and modify our privacy policy to integrate such future changes as it may be contemplated as appropriate, debarring any notice to you. Our use of any information we accumulatewill always be persistent with the policy under which the information was assembled, irrespective of what the new policy may be. Any changes or modifications to our privacy policy will be posted on this page, so you are always aware of what information we amass, how we deploy it, how we store it and under what context we disclose it.


When the ScoreIsRight presents information to its online advertisers - to assist them in discerning our audience and approve the value of advertising on the Portal -- it is conventionally in the form of comprehensive statistics on traffic to various pages within our site. When you register with the ScoreIsRight, we correspond withyou from time to time about the updating of our content to provide features which we strongly believe will work in your welfare.

Several illusory emails, websites, blogs etc. affirming to be from or affiliated with the ScoreIsRight may or are circulating or propagating on the Internet. These emails, websites, blogs etc., mostly fidget with our logo, photos, links, content or other information. Some emails, websites, blogs etc. call the user to furnish them thelogin name, password etc. or that the user has won a prize/ gift or purvey a method to commit illegal/ unauthorized act or deed or request detailed personal information or a payment of some kind. The sources and contents of these emails, websites, blogs etc. and accompanying materials are in no way affiliated with the ScoreIsRight. We strongly condemn such fraudulent act.

Henceforth, for your own protection, we highly recommend not responding to emails or using websites, blogs etc. We may deploy the information furnished by you to the ScoreIsRight, incorporating your email address or phone number, to contact you about the services availed by you or to inform you of our services.


The ScoreIsRight does not pledgethat this portal, it’s servers, or email sent by us or on our behalf are virus free. The ScoreIsRight will not be held responsible for any damages of any kind arising from the deployment of this portal, inclusive ofbut not limited to remunerative, direct, indirect, auxiliary, penitentiary, special and ensuing damages, vanquishing of data, goodwill, business possibilities, income or profit, loss of or damage to property and claims of third parties.

In no event will the ScoreIsRight be accountable for any damages whatsoever in an amount in excess of an amount of INR 1.


Your personal information may be preserved and may persistently be deployed until: (i) the appurtenant purposes for the deployment of your information elucidated in this Privacy Policy are no longer felicitous; and (ii) we are no longer required by pertinent law, regulations, contractual obligations or validated business purposes to preserve your personal information and the retention of your personal information is not required for the inception, exercise or defence of any legal claim.


By visiting this Portal, you consent that the laws of the Republic of India without regard to its dispute of laws principles, administrate this Privacy Policy and any antipathy emerging in respect hereof shall be subjugatedto and administered by thedissension resolution process set out in the Terms and Conditions.


You will be expeditiously notified by the ScoreIsRight if there are any changes or modifications, updates or alteration to your information. Further, you are also validated to review, update or revise your information and user preferences by logging into your Profile page on the Portal.


Any questions or clarifications with respect to this Policy or any complaints, comments, concerns or feedback can be sent to the ScoreIsRight at: