The ScoreIsRight is a skilled based Online Fantasy Score Game wherein the gamers are provided with a platform to showcase their skills, cricketing knowledge and insights. ScoreIsRight gives the Fantasy Sports zone an interesting twist by roping in the brand new “What’s Your Fantasy Score” mantra.

ScoreIsRight believes that when you can win exciting Cash prizes and rewards for playing your favourite games and then why play for free. Get your spare skills to grill and live your best Sporting dreams with bits and pieces of guesswork and conjectures. Thereby, Users are required to have the following skills in their grasp to rank the best among their friends, families and competitors.

A) Weather Report

For the most part weather plays a very important role in games, particularly in cricket in determining the best playing conditions and assisting the team in concluding whether to pitch for batting or bowling initially and eventually setting a particular score for the opposition team or aiming a score and chasing it triumphantly.  Weather report skills will help gamers in Fantasizing the best score in each level and top the leader board in a contest.

B) Pitch Reports

The pitch plays a very imperative role in a cricketing game. A flat pitch is every batsmen’s favourite and it helps team play a tactical match and set a score for the opposition team or conveniently chase the target. With Pitch Report on the ScoreIsRight Platform, gamers are allowed to play smart and Fantasize the closest score helping them win exciting prizes and rewards.

C) Stadium Facts

The stadium decides the team inception and on the basis of the existing stadium facts, users are provided with crucial information on the stadium as Stadium Dimensions, Capacity, Boundary Sizes, Highest & Lowest Total Scores by the team, Average First & Second Innings Score etc. Stadium Facts solidifies the major chances of Fantasizing the closest score and getting to the top of the leader board with insightful know-hows of the ongoing game.

D) Match Facts

The Match Facts on the ScoreIsRight furnishes the details of the Eleven Players of the ongoing or the upcoming matches or contest that robustly elevates in Fantasizing the closest score and winning exciting cash prizes and rewards.

E) Team Strengths

The Team Strengths on ScoreIsRight provides the star rankings of the team according to the performance facts & statistics, and where each team stands on the board and how it is played helps user and gamers in Fantasizing the closest score and conventionally standing high on the leader board.


The above details & data are furnished from the best available sources and it is not exact & minute to the actual ranking of the teams, stadiums, pitches, matches or weathers. This is a moderate input from ScoreIsRight to assist gamers in burgeoning their skills about Fantasizing the closest score and winning exciting cash rewards and prizes.